Our Philosophy

We strive to produce intelligent players who are independent problem solvers on and off the pitch. Within our philosophy we believe that players have to be adaptable to play in various playing formations, as they move through the ages. Our beliefs are based around the fact that formations are now very fluid, from the 5v5 game, right through to the 11v11 game. Depending on where the ball is on the pitch and the game situation, formations change drastically. Therefore, our primary focus is on developing players who with time, become very familiar with real game problems.

The higher level a player is playing at, the quicker the game will be in all aspects. Time and space becomes more limited, therefore player’s decision making needs to be accelerated. This demands a high level of tactical intelligence from players, and understanding of how to resolve ever changing problems in a minimal time. Our primary focus is on individual tactics from the earliest age. While we also concentrate on technical qualities, we believe this should be done so in opposed situations which provide cognitive challenges, creating scenarios that arise in the game through our “team training methodology”.

Our philosophy remains the same regardless of the level of the grassroots player we are dealing with. We have witnessed in countries like Spain, the same exercises being carried through from senior level, all the way down to u6 development level.  We have implemented our training methods in various countries, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Scotland, USA, and across a diverse level of ages and levels. We simply adapt our exercises depending on the age and ability of the player.

We prepare players to play from the back and through the thirds, while showing situational awareness and good decision making skills. We acknowledge and expect that young players will make many mistakes in the training and playing environment. We respect this, and help the players understand that this is a key part of the learning process. Over a long period of time, the players will have faced a similar real game situations thousands of times through our training curriculum. As they become older and more experienced, they will have the necessary skills to recognize the best decision needed for a given situation, and be able to execute it on the pitch.