Team Training Methodology:

Within our team training methodology, we focus on the 4 functions of the game.



Transition attack to defence

Transition defence to attack

We develop a learning program based on individual, small group and team tactics, delving into more detail as the player’s progress on their development pathway.

Within our training methodology we focus primarily on individual and group tactics, while also paying attention to technical qualities. Our primary focus however is tactical intelligence, stimulating the players and constructing the brain specifically for the future problems occurring in the real game. We relate every exercise to real game scenarios for, creating pictures within the practices related to playing positions. We do this to help the players understand the relationship between the training exercises, and how they are related directly to the game. We use a questions and answers method when coaching, inviting constant feedback and ideas to find solutions to problems from the players. We allocate time within each training exercise for the player-coach review, using iPad’s to real time analyse the players and correct potential problems there and then.

Each exercise has specific tasks for the players to find solutions to, with objectives outlined at the start. Within each exercise we will always refer back to the objective, focusing on helping the players accomplish or improve their understanding of the overall objective.

Players curriculum:

Our curriculum is split into 11 week blocks, working off 4 cycles of 11 weeks, a 44-week year. The players training curriculum is designed to improve their understanding around 10 key areas of the game identified within our methodology. Each key area is allocated 2 weeks of practice, covering 22 weeks. We then revisit each part again, advancing the sessions, increasing the difficulty and processing the development.

We focus on how, when, where and why in both situations, asking questions and encouraging the players to find the “right solution”. Below is the curriculum of work our coaches work on an annual basis.

  1. Movement to receive.
  2. Passing qualities and first touch.
  3. Playing through the thirds.
  4. Changing the point of attack.
  5. Positional Attack in the offensive half.
  6. Transitional play attack to defence.
  7. Transitional play defence to attack.
  8. 1-v-1 and 2-v-1 situations.
  9. Exploiting space in wide areas.
  10. Creative movements in the final third to unlock a blocked defence.
  11. Review week. Different types of conditioned games testing the players understanding of the curriculum.