One to One/Position Specific Training

Academy Director Colm Barron has spent many years working with youth players who have gone on to have professional careers in the U.K. Having recently caught with some of the players and discussing their development, they highlighted some key areas in which they wished they had more opportunity to develop before going away.

Dara O Shea, West Bromwich Albion:

“I remember my first training session with West Brom, the speed the ball and the game moved at was so quick. My first touch was poor; I’d never really experienced training sessions at that tempo.

“Also Tactically I played as a center back for a number of years before I went away.  We receive positon specific training in West Brom, I learned so much in just one session about the movements required to play in the position, I’d never really thought about it that much before.”

Our position specific training sessions are designed to develop the player’s tactical knowledge and technical abilities required for their position. Often within team or group sessions, players can leave feeling unsatisfied with their understanding of their role, or having lacked time to master their technical execution.  Within our position specific programs, the player will gain a greater tactical knowledge of the qualities required for their position, and gain repetitive technical practice designed for their position.

Within our methodology we feel it is vital for players to understand the tactical elements of the game. Our attention is not to only challenge the players technically during these sessions, but to focus on the development of the brain, stimulating the players and challenging them to focus at all times. Within every session we allocate time at the start of the session focusing on awareness, & first touch qualities with cognitive challenges. This is both a physical and mental warm up for the players.

Our specific sessions are broken into 4 key areas:

Developing wide players:

Developing defenders:

Developing central midfielder:

Developing center forwards:

We also carry out individual/small group sessions based around general key performance areas.

Our sessions are 60 minutes long, with a maximum of 4 players per session. Each session is designed for individuals or groups playing in the same position.

Cost of the sessions vary on the number of players attending.

1 to 1 €40 per session (1 hour).

2 players: €70 per session (1 hour).

3 players: €90 per session (1 hour).

4 players: €120 per session (1 hour).

Age, Times and Location:

Players born 2007 and older.

All the sessions a run from Parnell’s GAA club, Coolock village. Dublin





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Please note that players will be matched with players of similar age and ability. Players must have a high level of application and ability to take part in the sessions.

For more details, contact colm directly on:

Call: +353-879356578