Our academy program is designed to enhance the abilities of young aspiring football players. Players will work with three or four different UEFA qualified coaches per session, each one devoted to developing the all round player. The players will engage on a development pathway under the Smart Football methodology.

With Smart Football we base all our training on the brain using perception, information processing, decision-making and the ability to execute every minute of the training. We have the ball and the decision-making process present in our minds 100% of our training-session time. In other words we don’t want our players to switch off their brain during the exercises but our goal is to build experienced players at as young an age as possible.

It is known that the more decisions you make, the better you get at making that one thing, deciding. Studies and brain scanners have shown that old players and professionals from other work sectors that have used a lot of decision-making have more of a fat called myelin in their brain. Myelin is a protein that covers the connections between the neurons. The more myelin you have, the faster the information travels between the neurons. It can be compared to an electric cable surrounding our brain neurons, the thicker, the faster, the better.

Therefore our session will be broken down into four problems, with each problem working the players cognitively while also working them technically, tactically and physically. This unique structure is as follows:

Problem 1: In problem 1 the key factor will be to establish possession in small boxes against an opposition team. On a turnover of possession, players will work on their transitional elements to either establish possession or win the ball back.

Problem 2: Game related possession with an objective to play forward to a goal or into teammates in a different area of the pitch.

Problem 3: Will be an attack-defence game going to goal with transitional play once the attack ends for both teams.

Problem 4: Is a phase of play with one team out numbering the other going to goal with a focus on a different area of the game. When the ball is turned over both teams will have to react and transition to defend or attack.

We take pride in the high standards of our academy. For this reason our Elite Academy is limited to a certain number of spaces. All players are welcome to put forward their interest. Successful applicants will be contacted 28 days before the start of the first block and given details of the academy structure.

The new academy season will kick off on Friday June 10th and will take place every Friday night from 18:30-20:30.

Players born 2001-2006


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22 weeks (€500) 2 weeks free
11 weeks (€275)
1 week (€25)

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