Our Academy Philosophy and Methodology:

Our primary focus within our Academy is to educate, develop and enhance the abilities of players as individuals, while also ensuring they understand the importance of collective learning.

Throughout our training model we principally focus on stimulating and constructing player’s brains specifically for soccer, through our training methodology. All our training sessions create scenarios where the player’s brains are constantly stimulated, with independent decision making being at the forefront of the process. We use a questions and answers process when coaching, inviting constant feedback and ideas to find solutions to problems from the players.

Our sessions are broken into 4 key task areas. Each section has its own task for the players to find solutions to, with objectives outlined at the start. We focus primarily on the individual tactics of the players while also paying attention to the technical qualities. Our primary focus however is tactical intelligence from the earliest age, stimulating the players and constructing the brain specifically for the future problems which will occur in the real game.

Academy Selection:

In our academy we work off a 1:12 player to coach ratio. It is important to note that players are NOT selected on a first come first served basis.

Confidence is one of the most important elements in an player’s development, and within our training methodology it is important that the players train with players of similar ability. We do not categorise the players by age groups (u12-u11),  we view them practically on their application, social competence, game intelligence and ability within the group. If selected for the academy, players MAY change groups from time to time. It is important for both the players and parents to accept this as part of our Academy structure.

The coaches make decisions to the best of their ability on where a player lies at the time of selection. We fully understand as coaches, that where a players level is now, is not a reflection of where they may be in 1 month, or 1 years’ time. We do our upmost to offer coaching to all players in one of our academy nights, but accept that this may not be logistically possible.

Friday Academy Location and Time:

Parnell’s GAA complex, Coolock village.
Junior Academy outfield players 16:30-18:00 – Junior outfield (2008-2010)
Senior Academy outfield players 18:30-20:00 – Senior outfield (2003-2007)

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