Catalan Elite Camps – Formation inside and outside the pitch!

Over the schools mid-term Easter break (29-30th March), we developed a Catalan Elite Camp for our usual pitch in Parnells, Coolock.. The company strives every day to develop the players brain around football. Our methodology increases the players thinking around the game in various situations which will aid the decision making during matches for their respective clubs.













In the camp we included four 90 minutes sessions based on the topics below:

Day 1:

  • Movement to receive
    • Understanding how to create space as an individual.
    • Creation of passing channels.
    • Movement related to the team mates, opponent, ball, time and space.
  • 1v1 games & skills
    • Get space as an individual to create 1v1’s.
    • Understand when exploit the 1v1 situations.
    • Use tricks or skills to bring defender one way and accelerate into the opposite.

Day 2:

  • Offensive transition
    • Exploit overloading situations on the final third.
    • Understanding effective security passes.
    • Decision making during transitions.
  • 2v1/2v2/3v2/3v3 situations
    • Take the right decision as quick as you can.
    • Exploit overloading situations on the final third.
    • Combination play (overlap, third man, 1-2,..).

Between the sessions on both days we implemented different classroom work with the players in the dressing room after their snack. The first day they worked in groups of two, taking a test based on the pitch sessions from that morning where the players answered questions with their personal views around the certain situations. We find by helping the players think about the game themselves they will become more pro-active and engaged when training.

The second day was a presentation on mental skills where the players tried to understand the mentality of professional players. They saw different videos with some examples of their favourite professionals like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Neymar etc. The objective was to try to highlight how professional players can deal with anxiety/nerves during games by using imagery, how professionals concentrate before games, how individuals are motivated to play and the self condifence professionals have. After this presentation, we created a mental game for the younger players. Each individual had to imagine that they have become their favourite players, and live through a match in their favourite players shoes. One player became Messi against Atletico Madrid, where they scored a hat-trick in the last 10 minutes. Everybody told the group their own vision, One of the players said, “I think if I work hard I can create my own player, I don’t need to be like nobody”. This is a great answer because we are trying to develop “unique” individual players who strive to become the best that they possibly can.



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